tiistai 23. heinäkuuta 2013

Fishing and DIY needle

I was fishing with my family and one friend and we got few quite big lahna-fish (Don´t know english name, but latin: Abramis brama).

Nice sized fishes

Later when we thought we have enough we put our smoker container on fire and smoked those fishes...looks and smells delicious..

Well smoked fish with beautiful golden color.

We cannot wait anymore, so let´s eat..

Sure, it was delicious!

Fish had quite big and sharp bones so I got idea to try to make needle out of it. So I started to shape it to bit and drilled hole with my trusty Victorinox.

So, before and after

Haven´t really tried that needle yet, but I think it will work fine atleast on lighter works.

torstai 18. heinäkuuta 2013


So I continue with knife stuff. This time I want to introduce you asian style utility blade called "kiridashi".
It´s made by my good friend from Bush ´n Blade blog.

Blade is one solid piece of high carbon steel (from old file). Handle is made from paracord inner strands under and outer cover on top and tied same way than in traditional samurai swords.

Edge is chisel ground and really razor sharp with polished bevels and it´s straight side is a little bit convexed that you hardly notice it.

Sheath was not included cause I wanted to make my own, maybe necker type of sheath..Let´s see.

I don´t have much user experience from it yet, but it feels like very good all round cutter.

tiistai 18. kesäkuuta 2013

Now it´s here! Bushcraft Finland Forum knife

We have been thinking own BCFIN knife on our forum for long time and few months ago plans were ready and we choosed maker to be from our forum as well Ilkka Seikku who we already know that can do affordable, high quality knives.

We wanted something do-it-all-type of knife that is compact enough for typical puukko-tasks, but have some length and heft for heavier tasks like light chopping aswell.

We wanted it to be clearly puukko in finnish style and from natural materials. So no full tangs even they are nearly indestructible and no modern materials like kydex or micarta.

It also should be unique so we didn´t want any mass produced knife with just our logo stamped on it.

We all give ideas and Algiz from Old Path Blog draw design we all accepted.
Knife is made in small batches and only available on BCFIN forum members.

So here we go:


- Carbon steel (recycled spring steel) blade 120mm long, 28-30mmm wide and 4-5mm thick. Stick tang goes through handle and is very wide to give maximum strength.
- Handle is curly birch with antler bolster.
- Sheath is simple leather with wooden insert.

perjantai 10. toukokuuta 2013

Some crafts etc.

Springtime have been very busy as always, a lot to do around house and my woodsproperty. Also I have spent quite a lot of time with Bushcraft Finland Forum which I moved to commercial operator from free service cause free server had a lot of problems and downtime. Now everything works well and we have very active finnish group there and not so active international side, which we hope to get more chatters in the future.


I have been long time wanted to make very simple knife commonly called "maasepän puukko" in finnish. Idea of that knife was that blade is hand forged (this time I got it readymade), handle simple carved with knife without bolsters and no modern glues used. Only electric tool was a drill cause I simply don´t have any hand drills yet. I´m curious to see how this thing will last of fair use (not abuse, but normal knife use), cause trend seems to be that bushcraft knives should be overbuilt-fulltang-jack-of-all-trades-workhorses. :)

So here we go:

First step was to get some wood just from the woodshed and start to shape it after drilling hole and shaping it with saw-bit.
Blade and piece of wood. That piece of brass was not used on project. And tang was shortened around 7cm long.
Rough shaping with knife that I made earlier here. Blade is just pounded into woodstick, no glues.
Work continues..
Oh, wood cracked a bit when it dried on warm garage. :(
But I´m still going to continue despite of crack.
I decided to weave some strong line around the crack and made same other end too just for more nice look (maybe it strengthen the handle too)
Now handle is ready and fits my hand perfectly.

I thought to make birch bark sheath for my knife so next thing is to make wooden insert (lesta). I´m going to make rectangular insert to fit better on birchbark weaved sheath (let´s see if I can get it done, cause my weaving skills are not so good and also birch bark pieces I have are bit small..)

I draw blade lines on woodpiece with sharp knife.
Used chisel and knife to hollow area for blade.
When it fits perfectly I made coverpiece and hollowed that a bit too.

I thought that I want to without commercial glues so I thought to make some "pine pitch glue". I will need some pine resin and fine ash atleast. I went to collect resin I found it from spruce nearby and make mix.

spruce resin collected into tincan.
I cooked it on fire carefully (don´t let it to combust) and added some ash and coal, quite sticky stuff and good smell..

When got glue ready I tried to glue wooden insert halves together, but mix was not quite right, glue dried very fast and glass hard, so it didn´t make strong seam at all...I abandoned that idea and thought to experiment with thist stuff more later. Have to solve that problem some other way.

Solution was use same strong line and I just weaved parts together. Suppose to be OK, It will be inside of birch-bark sheath anyway.

So that´s it. Part II "the sheath" will follow later...


Another small project I thought to make is awl for leatherworking. I found some very old awl-blades so got the idea to make my own. Here we go:

First I shaped handle with knife using same wood that on my knife project.
After shaping I treated it with old school tar oil which gives nice color and smell.
Handle fits into my hand very well and I strengthen it a bit with same method that  on my knife-project.
Awl ready to use, I kind of like this kind of rough carved finish instead of vey smooth sanded finish. Like that it have much more characteristics, don´t you think so?

perjantai 19. huhtikuuta 2013

Nordic Knives

I just found great blog about nordic knives and knifemakers. Primary focus is on puukkos from Finland. Be sure to check that out, great info about smiths behind their works:

torstai 27. joulukuuta 2012

Woodsworking tools: billhook (vesuri in finnish)

Billhook is traditional clearing tool in Finland and typical model have around 20cm blade which ends into hook that works also like small scythe (pull cut). Mostly I use that hook for moving cut branches away and it also protects blade when you cut near ground (hook hits ground when blade is untouched).
There´s one and two handled model and it´s very handy for clearing saplings and even small trees aswell as general purpose bladed tool for all kind of heavy woodcutting. Novadays Fiskars made some 95% of billhooks in Finland and it´s modern glassfibrereinforced plastic handled with teflon coated blade. It´s great and strong tool, but not so traditional. There´s still makers of traditional billhooks and here are few:
Härmän Taonta
Metallituote Saarela Oy

You can also find often very good old handforged billhooks from fleamarkets, huuto.net (like ebay). Here´s one I just got for 15€:
Seller said that it´s from 1930-1940 and maker unknown. Overall length is 55cm and cutting edge around 23cm, blade 5mm thick. It´s little heavier side and can be used one or two handed (barely). Blade is very good condition and ready to work. Handle is roughly carved (replacement I think) and have bit leuku like poll. It´s attached into blade with two flathead screws. I think I´m going to make new bit longer handle at some point. Tip: Billhooks could be very good low cost alternative for heavy leuku when you just cut hook off to get like sheepfoot style tip. (it´s known to be used like that among reindeer herders of Lappland, where axe have mostly no use cause there´s no big trees).

perjantai 7. joulukuuta 2012

Snowcave (lumikammi in finnish)

Snowcave (in finnish lumikammi) is very handy shelter which can save your life in winter. I started to make one in our backyard.
First you collect pile of snow let´s say 2x3m and some 1,5m high. Then wait for few hours so snow becomes harder (you can beat pile with your shovel a bit to make process faster) after that if you want you can push around 30cm stick around pile to avoid thinning it´s walls too much when digging the cave. If you want to make things simple and there´s two guys digging you can do it from opposite directions and close one end of the tunnel at the end. Then you make breathing hole into ceiling with skipole or like and you can leave it there so you can open breathing channel if snowing. You can also make your "bed" higher than cave floor to let cold air go down there. Doorway you simply close with your rucksack for example.

My pile was too short cause there was lack of snow, but right now it´s snowing so I can lenghten it and then sleep on it overnight later. So, to be continued...