perjantai 7. joulukuuta 2012

Snowcave (lumikammi in finnish)

Snowcave (in finnish lumikammi) is very handy shelter which can save your life in winter. I started to make one in our backyard.
First you collect pile of snow let´s say 2x3m and some 1,5m high. Then wait for few hours so snow becomes harder (you can beat pile with your shovel a bit to make process faster) after that if you want you can push around 30cm stick around pile to avoid thinning it´s walls too much when digging the cave. If you want to make things simple and there´s two guys digging you can do it from opposite directions and close one end of the tunnel at the end. Then you make breathing hole into ceiling with skipole or like and you can leave it there so you can open breathing channel if snowing. You can also make your "bed" higher than cave floor to let cold air go down there. Doorway you simply close with your rucksack for example.

My pile was too short cause there was lack of snow, but right now it´s snowing so I can lenghten it and then sleep on it overnight later. So, to be continued...

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  1. Vastaukset
    1. Not yet cause got myself sick :( but I will when recover.

  2. Nice igloo. ;) Just kidding! Your lumikammi is looking good so far. Makes me want to do some winter camping soon. :)

  3. Looking goood!! seems you are starting the winter fun already. Just careful so that your son does not take over your hide out :)

  4. Very nice snow cave- always a fun project.

  5. Be careful with snowcaves cause just before christmas 8-years old boy died in collapsed snowcave here in Finland. Terrible christmas for parents! :(