maanantai 19. marraskuuta 2012

Bushcraft Finland - new forum

As someone of you who visit our forum might noticed that it´s old version is not updated anymore. It was free server based and have run ok for few years, but have recently been soo slow and offline from time to time so I decided to move forum for finnish server, which isn´t free anymore though :( With great help of our BCFIN-members we have copied most of the content from old forum very fast (cause free server don´t allow backup databases). We want to keep that forum active and encourage members to share information there actively.

Long live new BCFIN-forum !!

ps. there´s international section aswell of all you non finnish speakers.

Here´s two version of same pic. 1st straight from camera and 2nd quite heavily edited. Which one you prefer?

BcFin official badge and almost official BcFin-knife The BushProwler by Ilkka Seikku

3 kommenttia:

  1. I prefer the upper pic, as the lower is....hazy, way too "soft glow", its more like taken with "toycam" filter.

    1. I like more 2nd one. I tried to make bit "fairytale" feeling on it.
      There should actually be three version where one could be something between..

  2. Man youre so tagged: