tiistai 18. kesäkuuta 2013

Now it´s here! Bushcraft Finland Forum knife

We have been thinking own BCFIN knife on our forum for long time and few months ago plans were ready and we choosed maker to be from our forum as well Ilkka Seikku who we already know that can do affordable, high quality knives.

We wanted something do-it-all-type of knife that is compact enough for typical puukko-tasks, but have some length and heft for heavier tasks like light chopping aswell.

We wanted it to be clearly puukko in finnish style and from natural materials. So no full tangs even they are nearly indestructible and no modern materials like kydex or micarta.

It also should be unique so we didn´t want any mass produced knife with just our logo stamped on it.

We all give ideas and Algiz from Old Path Blog draw design we all accepted.
Knife is made in small batches and only available on BCFIN forum members.

So here we go:


- Carbon steel (recycled spring steel) blade 120mm long, 28-30mmm wide and 4-5mm thick. Stick tang goes through handle and is very wide to give maximum strength.
- Handle is curly birch with antler bolster.
- Sheath is simple leather with wooden insert.

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  1. Wow! Really nice design by Algiz (and you all), and great work by Ilkka! Looks like of like a mini-leuku. ;)

    I bet it'll be a big hit. :)