lauantai 28. huhtikuuta 2012

New blades

A little teaser of new blades forged for me by Rynkky

Puukko with Antler / birchbark handle and brass bolsters

Puukko with Antler / birchbark handle and brass bolsters

Small survival kit blade all together 10cm long

More stories and review about those will follow soon...

4 kommenttia:

  1. Tenko!

    Those sure look good, i relly waited to see the puukko and how it came out but its hellova lot better looking than i imagined,nice mix between lapland puukko "unna niibas" and average finnish puukko...with classy looks too.

    Best regards,

    brass lover.

  2. I think it came out really great and works out just how I designed it. I wanted it to have a knob that it can be tightly, deeply and securely on it's sheath and still easy to grab out. First I thought that it might ruin it's lines and symmetry, but I'm happy with the results at the end.

    That survival blade I have now carried some days as handy little necker and have noticed that great lil blade is capable a lot!

    - Finnman

  3. I really like that puukko handle as well. Looks super comfortable. That PSK knife looks solid, too. Like a "real" knife instead of some razor blade or something else which is often seen in those types of kits.


    1. That puukko handle fits hand like a glove and gives very robust feel because of heavy brass bolsters and antler pieces. Birchbark in middle gives very good grip.
      What comes to psk-knife it's very robust being 3mm solid piece of very good sten&co leuku carbon steel. You simpy cannot broke it and it keeps it's edge very well.

      - Finnman