maanantai 12. maaliskuuta 2012

Improvised Skipole

I tried to improvise skiing pole to aid showshoeing in uneven terrain. I made it using just wood, some iron wire and my knife. First I got straight stick of dead birch wood and cut it to right length from wider end. Next step was to make sompa where I used fresh willow as it is for round and other one split half for binding. I tied round with iron wire (later noticed that iron wire was not even necessary but left it to keep construction bit stronger. Sapling are easiest to split just by making start with knife and continue with bare hands and dry to keep split as middle as possible, go slow. Before binding I made sapling fibers stronger by twisting them strongly an even crushing a bit with the back of my knife.

Later when I tried that stick it´s working nicely in deep snow.

That´s good little practise of your DIY-skills. Try to make your own and post me some feedback on comments section! :)

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