keskiviikko 7. joulukuuta 2011

Bow hunting

I got my first brown hare (rusakko in finnish) with bow & arrow couple of weeks ago.  I was wandering on area where I knew hares like to be. It was already getting dark when I noticed some tiny movement on distance. I walked calmly and as silently as possible to direction of movement rounding it a bit. Same time I slowly raised my bow and took good aim (hand bit shaking, so excited) at max. of 15 meters. Hare have noticed me but thought to trust his camouflage and lied on ground hoping I will pass it. Then I stopped for just nano second to release an arrow. It didn´t know what was that, death for immediate. (Sure I forgot to take good pictures after shot, damn)

After gutted hare I thought that was good end of the hunting day and head back home with heavy backpack.
At home I took head and front legs of and let it hang on my woodshed for few days cause there was just good few plus celcius degrees outside, so didn´t have to worry meat get frozen and cold enough that there´s no more insects interested of body.

After couple of days I skinned hare and butchered it to suitable pieces. Spine with some meat on it I saved for soup. Liver and heart we ate immediately after gutting.

I thought to save it´s fur for some future use so I stretched it round wood plate and cleaned. I left it to dry for overnight into my woodshed. Place was not so well chosen cause I forgot my cat and she devasteted it totally.. :)
Ok, maybe some fur works later in the future then..

8 kommenttia:

  1. Congratulations on your kill. I'm sure it was delicious, and much healthier than store-bought meat.

  2. Nice catch, especially with a bow.

    Could you cook next one, in the "bush" ?

    Just to show its done while hunting,above campfire.

  3. Well done! What is the greenery in the body cavity for?

  4. Great job! That must have been a thrill!

    Too bad the fur got ruined, but I'm sure there will be plenty more.

    How did the meat taste?


  5. Gorges Smythe:
    There´s not much needed to be healthier than store bought processed foods :)

    Yes it would be nice to cook meat there in campfire while hunting. Sometime I will do it when I have more time.

    Greenery (usually spruce) in cavity keep it open and let the air circulate well. It´s also very old finnish tradition to do like that.

    Hare meat is very solid contain almost no fat at all so it have to cook well and long or it will be "rubbery". Taste is very strong and some people don´t like it, but I do.

    Thanks for comments, I appreciate it !

    - Finnman

  6. Nice catch!! it is always enjoyable to read about hunting since that something I can not do.

    Perhaps you could show us how you prop the skin and fur next time?

  7. Hello, can you point me, wich folder knife is in the picture? Thanks!!!

  8. Hello Marcelo! It´s not actually "folding" knife. It´s more like "revolving" knife cause there´s two blades on same piece of steel It´s EKA Swingblade and you can find it here:

    Excellent modern hunting knife by the way.

    - Finnman