maanantai 7. marraskuuta 2011

Urban bowhunting

I have been bow hunting couple of times in city gardens for pest control. Rabbits are big problem there and our bowhunting club have license to hunt there. Only blunts, judopoints or G5 small game heads are allowed no broadheads. Hunting in garden you have to be extreme careful cause there´s always some people walking around even early mornings.
Last sunday I drowe there grabbed my trusty longbow, 2 arrows and new 5.11 shoulder bag. Weather was cloudy but surprisingly warm about +7 degrees in november! It was still dark and we had also flashlights allowed, but I didn´t use any still. My friend had flashlight attached at his compoundbow.
I saw all together 7 rabbits, but they were very alarmed all the time and mostly saw them too far meand over 20m away. There was only one chance around 15m distance where I saw rabbit behind bush and there was clear line of sight through small hole in bush. I took aim, but too slow, rabbit moved a bit and shot was impossible.
No shots, no game but I enjoyed that few early morning hours.

5 kommenttia:

  1. Deer are so thick here that some cities are allowing bowhunting for them.

  2. there always next time


  3. Im most cases the chase is better than the catch. I mean that even a huinting trip when you dont get anything, can be "crowned" with making fire, some good food and just hanging in the bush.

  4. Exactly, the point of the hunting is not always catch, but sometimes it makes your mind warm. atmosphere, feeling, beeing in nature that´s the reason which drives me.

    - Finnman

  5. That's why its called hunting and not shopping