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"Bushbeast" by Ilkka Seikku

Seikku bushtool series continues...So now is time to introduce you another heavy use knife by Ilkka Seikku. This models carry name Bushbeast and it really is a beast in use. This particular piece is maybe even the very first bushbeast ever made, oooohh!! :)
As you can see from the shape it´s more chopping in mind made than Pathfinder I introduced you earlier. It´s little bit like full tang leuku with some special charasteristics.

Blade is very robust hand forged carbon steel, quite heavy and it widens and thickens towards the tip which gives the weight there where it is most needed for powerful chop. Edge grind have two parts finer carving part near handle and rougher "axe-like" grind towards tip for chopping. That works wonderfully and blade is relatively short which makes carving still quite pleasant. Chopping power it have much more than Pathfinder cause wider and tip heavy blade. Blade is about 15" long, so it´s medium sized chopper and goes nicely on your belt.
Handle is rough but practical juniper wood I think and works fine. Tang is left a bit visible on back of handle for hammering etc. There´s also lanyard hole if you like to use one. Handle gives you good grip, but is maybe bit massive for small handed guys or ladies.

Sheath is simple and rugged sandwich-style leathersheaht made by Perkunas and is dangling type. It does it job finely without bells and whistles.Knife fits very securely into sheath, but be careful when you are putting it in not to cut sheaths mouth with wide tip of bushbeast. It goes nicely in when you squeeze sheath a bit so mouth widens and won´t get cut.

I haven´t had time to test this knife much, but what I have tried it batons wonderfully and chops really well being only 15cm long. Carving works as expected and couple feather sticks came out easily. Tip could be maybe bit sharper and finer to have more multipurpose uses.

Bushbeast is good allround tool where chopping ability is important and you don´t want longer knives tangling on your belt. Compact workhorse. Tip is so strong and "dull" that it also can stand digging ground quite well if needed to. Another fine bushtool from Ilkka Seikku.

Bushbeast and Pathfinder side by side

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